Halloween tomorro!

So plan, to watch some horror movies with the girls (one of which is absolutely terrified of everything!!). I’m excited! Maybe some halloween games… who knows!

So I have the Thai horror movie “4bia” aka Phobia. I watched the trailer and I was terrified.. so you can only imagine what I’ll be like when I watch it! I just find Asian horror movies much scarier than the american ones… like, c’mon, you have to admit we are a pretty scary race… what’s that saying “all asians look the same”? That’s scary enough as it is! But they should add “all asian ghosts look the same” because that is also true! haha.. and this is coming from an asian. I just hope I don’t look like that when I die. At least I won’t have a reflection so I’d never be scared, just don’t let me bump into another asian ghost… Terrifying!

So yeah, that’s the plan. Movies. Also looking at “One Missed Call” and “Dark Waters”. If you’re interested, google them. They do sound pretty creepy!

If I live to see the next day, I will let you know how it went! If not, RIP NIKKI.



Painting nails…

Isn’t it really annoying when you’ve painted your nails perfectly and you do something soooo little but because you’re trying to be soo careful, you end up just scratching the side of it!? 


So..tip? If you’re going to paint your nails make sure you’ve nothing to do for the next hour! Put on a movie or something, but whatever you do, don’t touch anything if possible! That will surely cut the chances of getting it wrecked to zilch! As long as you don’t wave your hands around or do silly stuff! Also, leave the doors open…you’ll be glad you did!!



Rimmel London: Lasting Finish Nail Polish 020 Tip top.

I think this colour looks nice on tanned/sallow asian skin! Girly, but not too in-your-face pink! My opinion anyways! 🙂 And good thing it dries pretty quickly!


Healthy snack!

Fast and easy!! Fresh carrots and radish! Chop them up and serve with humus!! Delicious, extremely easy to make and healthy! Yum yum!


The leap…

… In the distance! Alexa enjoying her walk in the park on a beautiful blue day 🙂


I had no idea…

I’m quite good at roasts as well as curries!! *pats self on back*

Garlic, rosemary and lemon leg of lamb roast!


And my lovely curry!


OMGoodness!!! Loooook at those!!

I love cookbooks!!! Especially the ones full of pretty pictures!!! I think I’m referring to the baking cookbooks more so than the actual meal ones!!

Today was not as planned BUT I was walking for 4 hours with mummy looking for runners, which unfortunately I did not find…, but look what I did pick up!!!





Aren’t they pretty?! When I saw them I thought these would make great presents! Now that I’m home, I’m really considering keeping them for myself!
They’re just so pretty to look at!

Don’t you agree??

New routine and challenge!

So my sister and I have decided to do a challenge! Called the “who can lose the most weight for Christmas challenge”! Original right?

She’s having a difficult time because she’s living in Hong Kong at the moment and fully employed! With her job she does wine tasting, dinners, events, cocktails, luncheons etc etc, in other words ALWAYS in the company of food.. but they’re good food and high quality so I guess I am a little jealous! Damn employed people!

But anyways, so I guess the perks of not working means that I have more time to lose weight! People will always say “ah, but you look fine! You don’t need to lose any!”, well I’m doing it any ways! it’ll make me feel better, I’ll feel more confident, and that’s all that matters! 

So I’m incorporating it into my “no more being a waster challenge” (I’m so great at coming up with names amen’t I?!) and here is how it’ll go:

Wake up early and bring dog out for walk/run (1-2 hours)

Have breakfast (whatever it may be, I’m not usually hungry in the mornings so I tend to have soya bean milk which is very filling for me!)

Then do some coursera lectures (I’ve lots to catch up on seeing as I’ve been such a bum!)

Have lunch (probably left over dinner from night before and if not, I’ll cook up some vegetables)

Maybe bring my other dog for walk (mum usually brings her out in the morning for a jog but she won’t have gotten as long a walk as my other dog)

Then more coursera

Small Dinner (I’m going to try have dinner before 7pm! Don’t eat too late or too much because its not good for you!)

Then I always do stretches and some core exercise an hour and a half before getting ready for bed! 

Once I’m in bed, I MAY read a chapter (I’m so bad at reading! But you have to start somewhere!)

And that’s my rough routine I’m setting for myself! 

I’ll keep an update of how it goes!

(I did this for 3 weeks before my last run and I surprisingly lost 3 kgs! I was sooooo happy because it’s the lightest I’ve been in 8 years!!! WAY lighter!!)

The tip is if you’re trying to lose weight, cut out the alcohol! ESPECIALLY COCKTAILS! Sorry ladies! Maybe try water with a slice of lemon instead! Healthier and less fatty! 😛 

If any one wants to do this challenge with me and my sister, to lose weight for christmas, you’re more than welcome to! We can motivate each other and keep an update! I find it works better when you have someone to compete against, but not in a bad way. 🙂 You just feel more motivated! At least I do anyways! 

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