Lil Giveaway (international)

Hi my fellow bloggers!

I’m holding a little giveaway on my facebook art page The Wongart and a lucky winner will receive this lovely watercolour painting done by me, framed and signed 😛 A lot of people probably won’t want it, but it’s there for grabs to those who do 🙂 I will cover postage.


How to enter:

1. Follow my blog 🙂

2. Like the facebook page The Wongart, share the giveaway post HERE and just leave a comment after your share it 🙂


Hehehe, thanks and good luck!


Work in progress #2





After 4 hours of drawing I’m half way there!! What better way to spend a night than draw and listen to Christmas fm?!

But have to call it a night now

Sweet dreams

The complete kingfisher

I don’t know if it looks like one but here is the finished painting of it



Don’t ask who she is because I don’t know. I drew her out of imagination so no reference used. And to those drawing hair: patience and sharp pencils are key!


First attempt of watercolour painting

So my first attempt… Also first time painting a bird! Can you guess what bird it is? Probably not because it’s not great! Might add some more detail to it when it dries! I really don’t know how to use watercolour correctly! Eeeek! I guess practice makes perfect right? Haha


Happy birthday to my mummy!!

So today is my mums birthday! So I make the cake every year using the same old sponge cake recipe… But this year I thought I’d be a bit adventurous and try a recipe that I always use… To make cupcakes. I know this recipe makes amazing cupcakes so surely a bigger cake version of it would be even more awesome.. Right? See my logic there? Well as it turns out… I won’t know until the cake is cut and tried… So here’s me with my fingers crossed! It came out a SUPER big but then deflated into a little flat cake.. One might also say it’s a little burnt. Oops.


But once it’s hidden that’s ok right? Haha



And so the creative mind gets to work…

Here’s the finished product



Raspberry cream vanilla sponge cake! Nom nom nom

My last project!

Maybe my next one will be similar … Maybe not.. We’ll just have to wait and see! Hehe



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