So I’ve been crazy the last few months and terribly sorry for my lack of posting, but yes I have been in Brazil! Haha madness! So where did it begin?


I won’t bother going through crazy details but basically I applied to do a phd in Trinity College Dublin back in January and I got accepted in April 2015! I am working with the same supervisor I worked with when I did my undergraduate thesis (my final year project) there! So anyways, Fabio is his name and he tells me he will be going to Brazil for the summer (3 months) because he has a contract in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (I will from here on in refer to this uni as UFRJ) to teach. So he asked if I would like to apply for the brazilian program they have for foreign students (basically they pay your flights to and from brazil and give you money to do part of your phd there!) so I was like HELL YEAH! But the problem was we didn’t know when we were going to hear back from the funding body so as well as applying for that we also applied for an irish funding which paid for my flights, accommodation and some food! Not a bad deal, right?! So I actually got approved by both funding bodies, hence I will fly back to Dublin on 27th August and then I will come back on 1st October till 20th February next year!!

Voila! Thus, here I am, in Rio de Janeiro, doing part of my research in UFRJ … I have never in a million years thought I’d be here right now haha! Got to just go with the flow of life I guess! I’ve actually already been here for 2 months so in my next few posts to come I shall share with you all my experience of brazil so far! Well I can for sure say that I love it here very much!!