Oil pulling results and next 30 day challenge: CoEnzyme Q10

So, I realised that I haven’t been on here in a very long time, but I did do oil pulling for those 30 days. My results… well, I certainly didn’t notice anything different… but I guess no change is also good because means it’s not getting worse!! I know everyone on the internet is raving on about oil pulling saving teeth and cures cavities etc etc, but in my case, it hasn’t really done that. I still oil pull daily, sometimes I miss a day here and there, but I do try keep it up regularly and hopefully see some benefits in the long run!

At the moment, my gums and teeth seem to be getting worse as time progresses, however, I’m not giving up! I will fix my gums and teeth!

Now, the next thing I have been trying is taking CoEnzyme Q10 everyday with vitamin c as well as taking my daily dose of fish oil! My boyfriend did some research for me and told me that CoEnz Q10 is suppose to help rebuild gums and help them reattach to the teeth… so far… i’m 2 weeks in I think. I’ll let you know how it goes once I’m done!


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