Time is money….

So I have decided to leave my job because I was no longer enjoying it. I loved the people and sometimes the things I do, but overall I wasn’t enjoying it. I know people always say to me “but at least you’re getting paid…” , well for me, time is money as well and just as important. If you are spending 50% of your day unhappy, that is time you will never get back and also time which you could have spent doing something you enjoy. I am lucky in the sense that I don’t have rent or any of such expenses to pay for so I can do that. But if you have the opportunity I think its important to remember…

“You work to live, not live to work”

There’s always going to be some aspect of your job you dislike, but if one day you feel that you are no longer motivated to go into work and you’d rather do other stuff you feel you’d enjoy more (despite less pay) then go for it if it is possible. Life is about enjoying, sometimes ups and downs, but an adventure what we can all learn from.

For me I found that I wasn’t being challenged at work anymore, I felt I wasn’t progressing the way I would like, it just didn’t feel right for me anymore, so I decided to make a change. There is no point in complaining about the same thing constantly. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I realized that I always wanted to do more than what I was doing at work, but I was just waiting for the opportunity… if you want something to happen you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Unless you change something in your life, nothing will change the path you’re walking. You are in control of your life, remember that!

Now I am feeling much better with myself and I can focus on what I truly enjoy and I am focusing on my own projects which I didn’t have time to do when I was working. It’s a game of give and take. You may be losing out on some things but the gain may be better than you had imagined.

This is what I truly believe in…

Happiness is not something you can just chase as a goal. Happiness isn’t something you can HOPE to have. Happiness is IN THE MOMENT. Happiness is A RESULT of what you do or WILL do. Your actions will determine whether you will be happy or not. So take a moment and just think what makes you truly happy and follow your instincts. Time is too precious to spend being unhappy or stressed, especially if you are spending more than 50% of your day feeling like that.

Go on, live a little. Cherish every moment and do things you enjoy.

Yours truly,

This Asian One,



Is it just me…?

Related image

or when you’re working at a desk all day, on the computer, you feel peckish all the time?! I’m a terrible one for snacking… especially after my lunch I always feel like munching on something sweet!! So I’ve decided to ONLY have dried fruits in my drawer! So whenever I feel like snacking, I can only have dried fruits! I know they aren’t the healthiest since dried fruits have higher concentration of sugars BUT because of that they also have a higher concentration of nutrients!

So what I do is every time I have enough of my fruits, I would have a small sip of water and swish it around my mouth to get rid of the bits that are stuck to my teeth. And if possible I would go brush my teeth. In saying so though, it’s not like i’m eating 24/7 (however likely it may seem!), most times I get peckish around lunch hours and I always brush my teeth after lunch! But remember that max you should brush your teeth is 3 times a day, otherwise it may cause irritation in the gums… So to ensure I don’t have all that sugar stuck to my teeth I make sure to eat my sweet dried fruits after my lunch and then I brush my teeth after!
There will be times when you won’t have to luxury to brush your teeth, so just have a bottle of water handy and swish some water around your mouth a few times. Better than nothing!!

Have a super Tuesday!

I’m back and here are some updates!

Good morning world! (as oppose to “Hello World!” … get it? *programmer joke*)

I’ve been slacking with blogging… but I’ve decided to get back to it! I’ve since graduated from Computer Science and I’m now working! Woo go me! But it’s very difficult to get hired by companies at times because I lack the experience that’s required. Also, I’m terrible at the technical challenges. So in order to improve myself and get better at it, I am on hackerrank.com doing challenges there whenever I can! The contests they have on there is also fun to participate in if you have the time! I highly recommend it!

Computers and jobs aside, I’ve been having some issues with my gums and teeth for a while now.. and I’ve always been so cautious of what I eat because of it. And nothing I do seem to help it get better.

I’ve been eating very “healthy” and trying out many different diets… ranging from mainly fresh fruits and vegs and cutting out gluten and processed foods, eating milk kefir, making kombucha, intermittent fasting.. You name it! But none of it seems to help. It’s rather frustrating.

So I was talking to my best friend and she said something which made so much sense. She said maybe what you think is healthy is not actually that healthy because you don’t eat enough of those things to get enough nutrients in your body to heal your gums/teeth. So I thought about it and that’s right, when I was younger, I never had such problems with my gums and teeth because I ate everything, I didn’t restrict myself from any foods. So now instead of “cutting” foods from my diet, I just eat whatever my body is feeling like eating instead of saying “no I can’t eat that”.
I’m also taking supplements for iron, vitamin D and daily vitamin tablets to see if they will help.

On top of that I also do oil pulling with coconut oil once a day for 20 minutes (I read that it’s suppose to help with getting rid of bacteria in your mouth and keeps your mouth clean!), but I haven’t seen much of a difference to be honest, however I will keep it up just because my mouth does feel very clean after I do it.

So I’ll keep this updated to let you know how that goes! Not like you care but it’s almost like a way for me to keep blogging 🙂

Have a super Monday!

Free make over?!

Naaaah but (maybe??)?

So I was just in Boots looking at the make-ups that they had on sale (as you do when you’re a poor student, though I am no longer a student so I should probably stop using that, poor unemployed adult. Yes). I walked towards the No.7 counter and the lady asks if I need assistance, so I said “Nah I’m good thanks”. She proceeded to stick with me and tells me that they have this offer 3 for 2 and when you do buy any 3 No.7 brand stuff you get a free gift set (Not bad!) So I was like… “Ok, hit me with your best foundation..!!” (because my own one’s very old so I think it’s time I invest in a new one)

She asks if I was wearing any make-up. “No” I replied and she takes out this machine thing and puts it on my face and this machine was suppose to beep and tell her what colour foundation I’m best matched with. Pretty cool yea?! So she goes “Warm Ivory!”, goes to the stand, whips out the No7 Instant Radiance Foundation and says “this is the one for you!” with a big smile on her face. Don’t get me wrong, she’s super nice and sweet, not pushy in the slightest. So she asked if I wanted to try the colour on my skin and I don’t have to buy it if I don’t want, just for future references! When she put some on the back of her hand I was kinda like.. o_O… That’s RAAAATHER light for my skin? She said the machine is never wrong, so I went with it. After she applied the foundation, she used neutral powder to set it, a bit of the same colour concealer, and then finished with a bit of blusher.
She showed me the mirror….
Honestly… I looked like a ghost from the horror movie. My face was so light in colour and I could see the cracks of skin where it was dry (supposedly this is high moisture foundation great for dry skin).. SOOO.. I tried REALLY hard to be nice to her since she was trying to be helpful… I said “Oh it’s VERY light… I think it’ll just take time to get used to! I won’t get it today, just get used to it at home first, then I’ll decide! Thank you so much though! 🙂 ”
I was a lil paranoid for the rest of my time in town… I was thinking… what could have gone wrong with the foundation reader machine? Then it suddenly came to me…
I completely forgot to tell her I was wearing factor 50 suncream, the really thick one that layers onto your face, thus making it look whiter than the face colour actually is. *sigh*
So that explains why it read my skin colour to be lighter than it really is.

So when I got home I looked into the mirror.. it’s not AS bad as it looked when I was in Boots, probably the lighting the had in the store.


The foundation is definitely a little too pale for my skin, but not terrible terrible. It does cover up some blemishes I had so I’ll go back and get my skin matched for foundation again but next time I’ll make sure not to have suncream on! Don’t think it is my type of foundation though as it does look a lil cakey (but that’s in MY opinion. 🙂 ).

Also, if you have dry skin, even though it says it’s got moisture in it etc etc, I would say maybe moisturise your face well before you put a layer of this foundation on to make sure your skin don’t flake or crack?

This is with my old foundation… (Note the difference in skin colour!!!?)


A thing I found that works well is if you have coconut oil, apply a thin layer on your lips and then apply a layer of lipstick over it, it makes the lips look soft and silky! Hehehe


Photos are in natural light.

Shoot shoot shooot!

Today was a rather fun day! Met Gareth Byrd for a shoot today in Malahide and met some wonderful photographers! 😀 

Ahhh… this time tomorrow I will be on a plane to New Zealand! How exciting! 😀 


SO sweet!

I made this account aaaaages ago and wasn’t arsed making another one hence the name is a bit gay.. but oh well! I likes! 

Most up-to-date!!

So my last few days in Ireland has been probably the most fun and busy consecutive days I’ve had in a while! Fun times at Eva’s house for Sally’s leaving dinner, then filling in for Sals absence the day she left by spending the day at Kai’s with yummy KFCs and watching movie with Boe and Kai (AND sasuke the awesome cat!). Then had an awesome music making session with the wonderful Emily followed by a fun shoot in Bray with Maik! And today I met with my second mom Ciara for insomnia yumness and then had super walkies with Byrnie and my lovely doggies! I think I’ll miss my lovely friends.. Even though I don’t have much, just want to say before I forget, I will miss you. 🙂 ♥ Though the one I’ve missed the most will be waiting in New Zealand! Yay!

Leaving for New Zealand in two days!! So I’m super excited! Going to be amazing! Kieran is already there so that makes things a little easier! Not really looking forward to the flight though as it will be like… 38 hours of flying just to get to Auckland and then another 7 hours before I get to Christchurch! I’ll have an escort to pick me up from the airport (Kieran’s friend who I’ve never met before!) so all’s good I guess! Staying at his place for the night before another 7.5 hours bus journey up to Nelson!

Can’t wait!


PS. Kieran is no longer gluten intolerent so we no be on gluten free diet anymore! The good days of shitty food is back! 😛

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