A beautiful day in New Zealand

A beautiful day in New Zealand

Walking on the sands of Tahunanui beach! Kieran makes a great model! 😛



Abel Tasman (part 2)

And so.. after a nice relaxing “half-way” break, we were off once again! We trekked across a beach at low tide and man… if walking through this beach wasn’t hard enough the first part of the second half greeted us with a seriously steep uphill! So… up we went! It felt more like mountain climbing that mountain hiking! We were lucky it was super sunny because if it was raining and wet, it would have been impossible to climb! After a few water breaks we were up the top… FINALLY! and now we can finally enjoy the scenery again instead of having our eyes stuck to the ground.

SO MANY TALL TREES! The scenery really does make the time go by a lot quicker and the walk much more enjoyable than when walking out in the open fields.


After what felt like a LONG time of hiking, we were guessing what the estimated time would be at the next check point… Kieran said he’d be happy if it said 3 hours remaining because we probably walked for about 1.5 hours already… but when we got to the check point and it actually said 3 hours, Kieran goes “you know when I said I’d be happy with 3 hours? well.. I was actually lying… I’m not happy at all…” It was one of those moment you had to be there if you don’t find it funny now. 😛

But any who, this check point was beside a beautiful and quiet beach! ANOTHER BEACH!? NO WAY! Yup yup yup. Another beautiful beach! There’s a campsite there and I say it would have been lovely to stay there because its very peaceful. Tonga Quarry Campsite I think it was called! Definitely worth staying over if you don’t have to rush off on another 3 hours hike!


They may all look the same, but each and every one of them is slightly different and it’s nice to experience them all. 🙂 Even a quick step into the sand is good enough! 😛

We were tempted to stay there because, to be honest, we were knackered!! Carrying our rucksacks for 6 hours going up and down hill is pretty tough in the blazing sun. But off we went after a short delightful break in Tonga Quarry.

3 hours to go…

So into the forest/jungle of tall trees and ferns, and when we came out of it and around the corner… this was what greeted us..


The best parts of the walks I found was coming out of an amazingly green scenery to an amazingly blue one! It makes you wonder what’s around the corner.


This is my favourite shot! It was shortly after the previous picture! You can just see how clear the water is and how lovely the beach is too! Simply superb! Too bad we were in a bit of a rush to try get to Awaroa before the suns set!

So after that, we crossed another beach at low tide… this was a seriously long beach and we thought we would never reach the end it was so far and sunny!


And then after we crossed it we read this sign….


We were SOOOO lucky because we did NOT plan for it at all! If it was high tide and we were stuck on the other side, we would have been SCREWED! Because our bus was the next morning and we definitely would have missed it if it weren’t for low tide! So thank you low tide!

So after 2 hours of walking we come up to a sign that says turn left if you want to go DOC (department of Conservation) route which is another 1 hour 30 mins, OR … turn right to go to Awaroa huts and lodge which was 30mins, but only for low tide… So after what felt like FOREVER and climbing up more up and down hills, we just wanted to get to our campsite as soon as possible so we were like… 30mins definitely! And while walking down the hill we were thinking what if its high tide?? No worries, we’ll just change into our swim gear and trek across the waters with our bags on our head! Yes… we were that desperate. Luckily it was low tide though so we got to our place soon enough! We were just so delighted to get there and while Kieran was setting up the tent, I was making us dinner! All worked out so well! Though there were serious amounts of sandflies and wasps at this place! So we had literally DIVE in and out of the tent and zip up as soon as we were out to prevent sandflies getting into our tent! They were EVERYWHERE! So we didn’t spend much time enjoying Awaroa because the tide was low so it was just a big stretch of sand and the sun was setting so we spent most of the evening in our tent playing monopoly card game eating fruit salad and gingernuts! We separated our two sleeping bags which we zipped up together for the previous night and tried sleeping in them separately! MUCH warmer! Though it was still a bit chilly at times! I had my coat over me to keep me warm… But I think if we had proper sleeping bags instead of thin fleece ones it would have been fine! Oh well, we’ll know better next time!

So as we were getting ready for sleep, Kieran goes “get the torch! get the torch!!” and I’m like… WTF!? and I look over and I see this MASSIVE black blob scurrying across the top of our tent and down the side (the layer between the outer and inside.. so not IN our tent but on our tent!) When I got the torch it was too late.. but Kieran said it was a mouse! It wasn’t untiil the next morning when we saw the same blob and got the torch in time to see it was actually a tiny shrew (SO CUTE!) leaning across the tent to eat sandflies! It was our ally!

Yeah, we had to wake up at 4:45 to pack our bags and tent before the tide comes in… got to catch the low tide other wise we’re screwed! So when we woke up and shone the torch up, there were TONNEs of flies just outside our tent… rather gross!

Abel Tasman (part 1)

So we came back from Abel Tasman yesterday! It was absolutely amazing! We hiked for 3 days and stayed 2 nights! The scenery was breath-taking! There were so many bays and beaches that every one of them was as beautiful as the last! We were very  lucky that the weather was amazing the first two days, clear blue skies!!

So we got to Marahau via coach ($20) and that was our starting point! We hiked up to Anchorage Bay and every single part of the journey was amazing! You hike through jungles of tall trees and ferns! So green! and then when you come out of it you see the big blue sea and beaches and mountains! Such a view! Took us about 5 hours to get to Anchorage Bay because we took some breaks in between to chill out at the beaches!


That’s one of the beaches we took a small break on! AMAZING RIgHt?!

I had a wee incident on one of the slopes, fell and grazed my knee, but all good and I’m still alive! It’s a bit annoying though hiking with a grazed knee, but sure what can ya do! So after the hours of hiking we finally reach Anchorage bay and my was it beautiful!


That’s the view from the mountain top!

We set up our tent straight away … well after seeing a staff member to get plasters and antiseptic wipes for my knee! 🙂 We went back to the beach which was a minutes walk from our tent and went for a swim! It was warm with the sun but the wind didn’t help! So it took a while before I was fully in because the water seemed much colder with the wind! But once you’re completely submerged from shoulders down it’s quite warm!


I won’t bore you with our little details other than we had dinner bit late.. when the sun was setting so that was when all the flies started coming out and nipping everyone! So we ate dinner in our tent! We had the silhouette of the trees on our tent which made the scenery inside quite lovely too!


Any who, the next morning was a BIG day! We planned to do 2 big routes! We were going to hike to Awaroa bay from Anchorage bay! So we set off at 9:30am and after what felt like AGES we finally got to Bark bay! ONLY HALF WAY after 4 and a half hours of hiking! The views were splendid but the hiking was getting a bit tiring!


So we were delighted when we got there! A nice break!


That’s Bark Bay! When we got there we were tempted not to leave! Another 4.5 hours before we got to Awaroa!


So we made a quick stop yesterday in Kaikoura on the bus going to Nelson from Christchurch! So beautiful! Despite the 7.5+ hours getting there the scenery was amazing. Loads of country side views with mountains and sea! DSCF7916

Today we went into Nelson town and bought camping gear! WE ARE GOING TO ABEL TASMAN! So excited! It’s apparently beautiful so I can’t wait. First time camping with Kieran and we bought sleeping bags which can be zipped together.. so we have a double bed sleeping bag!

We’re all packed and ready to go. Rented out a portable stove and pots and pans! And booked our buses so we are pretty sorted! Fingers crossed now the weather stays nice! 😀


Also got to meet Kieran’s friends today at the croquet lawns in Nelson. Australia vs New Zealand. Very nice people!

Now to chill!

After three days of travelling…

…I’m finally here!! New Zealand is so beautiful! Amazing landscape and the mountains are unreal! Especially the snow topped ones! Sure only took me three days to get here… Thought I’d never make it here. First flight was delayed by 3 hours due to engine failure and then the second one was delayed by an hour due to traffic conjestion in the air or something! The flight from Brisbane to Auckland also delayed by two hours… All the delays just prolonged the journey which was a real killer!! Met some lovely people on the journey here and got some good recommendations!

I’ve only started getting used to the time difference today though I still think it’s super early once the sun is still there because in Ireland it starts getting dark by 5pm so you can guess the time whereas here its still bright up till 9pm or so! Madness! Also when I first landed it was so sunny and bright when i looked at the clock i read 6pm as 6am! So i was greeting everyone there with good morning! What a dope I was! but now i know and the same mistake will not be made again! I just blame the super long flights! They really messed up my perception of time! Lost track of the day and times that i panicked when i got off my flights to transfer to another plane because I wasn’t sure what the times were!

I am hand writing a diary as well as blogging my adventures as I write when I am bored so its much more detailed. Hopefully though i will have time later on in the week to give a more detailed account! Might just copy and paste what Ive written in my diary to here! 😛

Most up-to-date!!

So my last few days in Ireland has been probably the most fun and busy consecutive days I’ve had in a while! Fun times at Eva’s house for Sally’s leaving dinner, then filling in for Sals absence the day she left by spending the day at Kai’s with yummy KFCs and watching movie with Boe and Kai (AND sasuke the awesome cat!). Then had an awesome music making session with the wonderful Emily followed by a fun shoot in Bray with Maik! And today I met with my second mom Ciara for insomnia yumness and then had super walkies with Byrnie and my lovely doggies! I think I’ll miss my lovely friends.. Even though I don’t have much, just want to say before I forget, I will miss you. 🙂 ♥ Though the one I’ve missed the most will be waiting in New Zealand! Yay!

Leaving for New Zealand in two days!! So I’m super excited! Going to be amazing! Kieran is already there so that makes things a little easier! Not really looking forward to the flight though as it will be like… 38 hours of flying just to get to Auckland and then another 7 hours before I get to Christchurch! I’ll have an escort to pick me up from the airport (Kieran’s friend who I’ve never met before!) so all’s good I guess! Staying at his place for the night before another 7.5 hours bus journey up to Nelson!

Can’t wait!


PS. Kieran is no longer gluten intolerent so we no be on gluten free diet anymore! The good days of shitty food is back! 😛