Starting the year 2015..

Why not start it with giving some gifts to my sister and her boyfriend who are only here for another 3 days.
I used water colour. Acrylics and a fine point black pen

This one I gave to Tony because him and my sister are doing the whole long distance thing and she’s much smaller than him


And this one I gave to my lil sister. The small one to the left represents her and the bigger one on the left is me. This was done all in water colour and is used masking fluid to help make the design on the feathers.


And just want to say all of my paintings are originals (so I don’t use reference). I like to think up ideas that are unique and personal so they really are one of a kind 😀

I do commissioned work and for more information and art work here’s my Facebook page:

Check it out

And hope everyone is having a fabulous new year!


I like painting! :D

I like painting! :D

Here’s a painting I’ve done here using acrylic paints… you know with all the free time I have because apple picking is just so easy… NOT. Luckily this only took 2 hours. Yay! I like doing surreal concepts.. they’re fun and not something that everyone does! Trying to figure out my own style of painting.. don’t want to do something that everyone else can do… gotta be different ya know! 😛
Well I gave this to Tony yesterday for his birthday and he liked it so all’s good! I like making/ painting presents because they’re more personal.
Hopefully will get one more painting done before I leave! Fingers crossed.. could be three! Who knows!