One piece painting

This one piece painting was for my kris kindle. I used watercolours and acrylics.






[DIY] Beautiful deep red lip colour (using black eyeliner and Kate Moss lipstick #107)

So I was out last night to a Christmas Dinner party for work and we went to a lovely Thai restaurant! Diep Le Shakers I think it was called? But the food was absolutely amazing! Yum yum! And the drinks were on the boss (well at least we ordered some wine and prosecco and didn’t have to pay!) So much fun last night was!

So what did I do make up wise?

Well I really wanted a very deep red lipstick, but I could never find one deep enough for me…

(If Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss #107 is not dark enough for you then try this out!)

So I decided to experiment! I took my black eyeliner and used it as a lip liner and lined my lips with it.


Once the out-line was done, I used my Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss #107 and just filled in the rest of my lips. I used a lip brush to blend in the harsher black lines.. and this was the finishing product.


I was so proud of myself! It was a VERY deep red colour, very pretty! But if you don’t want it AS dark, you can blot away some of the black and put more of the lipstick on!
But it makes sense though, if you want any colour darking, just add a bit of black to it! Just like painting!
The great thing with this is that it stains your lips so you don’t have to keep reapplying, even after food and drinks!
If you want to draw everyone’s attention to the lips, tone the eye makeup down. I like to keep mine neutral. Lots of mascara though to give your eyes a presence!
If you try this let me know how it goes!

I’m so touched..

So remember my post many moons ago about being unemployed?? Well, now I’m working 2 jobs! Yes 2 jobs! Bit tiring, but money is money so I can’t complain! 

So why am I so touched?? Well one of the jobs I work in is as a child care assistant in a Montessori school, and I’ve only been there 2 weeks. I do the after schools part where kids after school comes to the Montessori and we do after schools activities with them. There’s a girl there that I’ve played “tickle monster” with in the school garden along with her friends.. basically you chase the kids and when you catch them, you tickle them! Tiring for the chaser! haha. 

But today was her last day here and she was giving presents out to the teachers who has minded her while she was there and I got a present! I was so touched because I wasn’t expecting anything! She hand picked perfume for everyone! I was so happy I cried a little… It meant so much to me because even though I’ve only been there a short while, I feel accepted and loved by the kids there. 


Is it just me??


So I went back to Boots today and got the RIGHT colour foundation this time! Stay Perfect Foundation in Honey (great colour for tanned asian skin!). It’s great because my skin is sensitive and No.7 range is all hypo-allergenic. Any who, so I went back to that lady and she recognized me. I told her that my colour is actually Honey (I got my colour matched by the machine in the Boots store in Blanchardstown) and she was “shocked” because the colour last time (warm ivory) looked “good” on my skin. To give you a rough idea of the shade difference.. imagine a colour chart, the very left is the palest and the right is the darkest. Warm Ivory was to the left and Honey to the right with about 5-7 other shades in between. *sighs*

Any ways, so they have this 3 for 2 deal and if you get the 3 items from the make-up section you get a free gift set (lip stick, lip gloss and a lip brush = 33e worth of goods). So me being me, even though I didn’t need any more make-up, I was very tempted! So I asked the lady what make-up they have that is similar price to the foundation I was buying, because common sense tells me that if I was getting 3 for 2 and the cheapest item is free, then I might as well make the most out of it! Turns out there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from. Everything she suggested I already have or things I don’t use or don’t want. So in the end, I bought 3 of the same foundation… THREE!!! Means I got one bottle of foundation for free though right? Seems like a fair deal! Free foundation PLUS free lippy gift set! I guess I am a happy girl now, but the question really is… was it necessary?? Do I REAAALLY need THREE bottles of foundation!? Well, the girl said she uses one bottle every 2-3 months and she wears it everyday! So I guess it’s not TOO bad…PLUS, I was thinking the lippy gift set could be used a Christmas present so not all that bad…!

I’m just trying to make myself feel better amen’t I…?

I blame the free stuff… they get me all the time.


New routine and challenge!

So my sister and I have decided to do a challenge! Called the “who can lose the most weight for Christmas challenge”! Original right?

She’s having a difficult time because she’s living in Hong Kong at the moment and fully employed! With her job she does wine tasting, dinners, events, cocktails, luncheons etc etc, in other words ALWAYS in the company of food.. but they’re good food and high quality so I guess I am a little jealous! Damn employed people!

But anyways, so I guess the perks of not working means that I have more time to lose weight! People will always say “ah, but you look fine! You don’t need to lose any!”, well I’m doing it any ways! it’ll make me feel better, I’ll feel more confident, and that’s all that matters! 

So I’m incorporating it into my “no more being a waster challenge” (I’m so great at coming up with names amen’t I?!) and here is how it’ll go:

Wake up early and bring dog out for walk/run (1-2 hours)

Have breakfast (whatever it may be, I’m not usually hungry in the mornings so I tend to have soya bean milk which is very filling for me!)

Then do some coursera lectures (I’ve lots to catch up on seeing as I’ve been such a bum!)

Have lunch (probably left over dinner from night before and if not, I’ll cook up some vegetables)

Maybe bring my other dog for walk (mum usually brings her out in the morning for a jog but she won’t have gotten as long a walk as my other dog)

Then more coursera

Small Dinner (I’m going to try have dinner before 7pm! Don’t eat too late or too much because its not good for you!)

Then I always do stretches and some core exercise an hour and a half before getting ready for bed! 

Once I’m in bed, I MAY read a chapter (I’m so bad at reading! But you have to start somewhere!)

And that’s my rough routine I’m setting for myself! 

I’ll keep an update of how it goes!

(I did this for 3 weeks before my last run and I surprisingly lost 3 kgs! I was sooooo happy because it’s the lightest I’ve been in 8 years!!! WAY lighter!!)

The tip is if you’re trying to lose weight, cut out the alcohol! ESPECIALLY COCKTAILS! Sorry ladies! Maybe try water with a slice of lemon instead! Healthier and less fatty! 😛 

If any one wants to do this challenge with me and my sister, to lose weight for christmas, you’re more than welcome to! We can motivate each other and keep an update! I find it works better when you have someone to compete against, but not in a bad way. 🙂 You just feel more motivated! At least I do anyways!