New watercolour tattoo design

Trying something new 😊 hope you like it. Thinking of getting this tattooed … Any suggestions where be nice?



Starting the year 2015..

Why not start it with giving some gifts to my sister and her boyfriend who are only here for another 3 days.
I used water colour. Acrylics and a fine point black pen

This one I gave to Tony because him and my sister are doing the whole long distance thing and she’s much smaller than him


And this one I gave to my lil sister. The small one to the left represents her and the bigger one on the left is me. This was done all in water colour and is used masking fluid to help make the design on the feathers.


And just want to say all of my paintings are originals (so I don’t use reference). I like to think up ideas that are unique and personal so they really are one of a kind 😀

I do commissioned work and for more information and art work here’s my Facebook page:

Check it out

And hope everyone is having a fabulous new year!

Lil Giveaway (international)

Hi my fellow bloggers!

I’m holding a little giveaway on my facebook art page The Wongart and a lucky winner will receive this lovely watercolour painting done by me, framed and signed 😛 A lot of people probably won’t want it, but it’s there for grabs to those who do 🙂 I will cover postage.


How to enter:

1. Follow my blog 🙂

2. Like the facebook page The Wongart, share the giveaway post HERE and just leave a comment after your share it 🙂


Hehehe, thanks and good luck!

The complete kingfisher

I don’t know if it looks like one but here is the finished painting of it


First attempt of watercolour painting

So my first attempt… Also first time painting a bird! Can you guess what bird it is? Probably not because it’s not great! Might add some more detail to it when it dries! I really don’t know how to use watercolour correctly! Eeeek! I guess practice makes perfect right? Haha


Back in Auckland!

Up one of the small mountains to see sunset! So beautiful! 


The Beach with cute little blue jelly fishy!




Rock pools with lots of colourful thingys! (I can’t remember what their called!)




Everything’s so cool when you’re a tourist!




More weird cute little blue jelly fishies!



Sky tower of Auckland!! So tall!


And that’s the end of our New Zealand and Australia trip! It was one of the best holidays I’ve had! And the longest! It is definitely worth doing if you plan to take a year out! I would definitely recommend going around the south island in a campervan as it gives you WAY more freedom with where to go as you don’t have to wait for buses and get taxis etc! Works out cheaper in the long run too if you are doing it for more than 2 weeks! You have your own kitchen and toilet so it allows you to camp pretty much any where! 

Hope you enjoyed reading our adventures! Thanks! Now back to our normal lives!

Amazing art piece!

One of the beautiful art museums in Melbourne! The ceiling was just unreal!


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