Tattoo idea number 2!

Another sister tattoo idea sketch. The center of the dream catcher is Celtic symbol for sisters 😊 going to watercolour this tomorrow! Can’t wait!



Work in progress #2





After 4 hours of drawing I’m half way there!! What better way to spend a night than draw and listen to Christmas fm?!

But have to call it a night now

Sweet dreams

The complete kingfisher

I don’t know if it looks like one but here is the finished painting of it



Don’t ask who she is because I don’t know. I drew her out of imagination so no reference used. And to those drawing hair: patience and sharp pencils are key!


First attempt of watercolour painting

So my first attempt… Also first time painting a bird! Can you guess what bird it is? Probably not because it’s not great! Might add some more detail to it when it dries! I really don’t know how to use watercolour correctly! Eeeek! I guess practice makes perfect right? Haha


Happy birthday to my mummy!!

So today is my mums birthday! So I make the cake every year using the same old sponge cake recipe… But this year I thought I’d be a bit adventurous and try a recipe that I always use… To make cupcakes. I know this recipe makes amazing cupcakes so surely a bigger cake version of it would be even more awesome.. Right? See my logic there? Well as it turns out… I won’t know until the cake is cut and tried… So here’s me with my fingers crossed! It came out a SUPER big but then deflated into a little flat cake.. One might also say it’s a little burnt. Oops.


But once it’s hidden that’s ok right? Haha



And so the creative mind gets to work…

Here’s the finished product



Raspberry cream vanilla sponge cake! Nom nom nom

I tidy my room and discovered something interesting!!


Well, not REALLY interesting, but I just found a short story I wrote when I was 17! I was probably the worst English student back then as I was crap at everything English, apart from speaking it, and even still I wasn’t great at that! So when my English teacher gave me a B1 (81%) I was SHOCKED! Never been so proud of myself for something so trivial. But I thought I’d share my story with you. I’m surprised I ever wrote this story because to be honest, I probably wouldn’t be able to now if I tried! So enjoy!

Title: “It was mad…. Ridiculous!”

The sun was blazing from the sea blue sky and the air has been humid for quite some time now. I never realized how packed this orchard was until I noticed the shine from the skins of the bright orange oranges hanging independently from one another.

“Hey you! What you lookin’ at?!” I swiveled around only to discover Mr. Pip swaying from left to right. His skin was a bit shriveled up, but still round as a whole.

“Nothin’ much sir.”

“Aye, I see, you checkin’ out that juicy bub there!”

Mr. Pip was always the odd one. He hung there most of the time and enjoyed ‘observing’ his surroundings. Everyday was repetitive. Boring. Same scenery. A myth had been passed down from my mother’s generation.

“The one has yet to come”

It has been said that ‘the one’ to take us away from this place is nothing of what we will ever know or understand. It can carry over millions of us. It is huge, enormous, yet extremely loud and dangerous. It was said that this thing comes only on certain times during the year.

Over the other side of the orchid was a kiwi tree. These brown fluffy living things hung from their branches. The tree was no taller than a sweeping brush. 

On the same odd day, Mr. Kiwi became ripe and fell onto the soft yet dry ground. 

“OW!! Who cut me down!? Who dares go against the saviour?!”

The sun blazed down. It was as hot as ever. Mr. Kiwi lay there waiting for a miracle to occur, otherwise he would have shrivelled up like a dry peach! A miracle came, when three kids appeared from behind the little hill. Who could have ever guess what was in store for Mr. Kiwi.

“Just because you’re older than me, don’t assume that I don’t know anything!” Mr. Pip replied with “Ah, young’in. No need for temper. You may have the thickest skin here, but you sure have a soft inside!”

Just then, an explosion was heard from the opposite side of the orchard. Slow sounds of destruction was growing increasingly loud and the time was coming to an end. “Was this how my life as an orange was going to end? I never did any harm to any thing, well, not that I could any ways! I never met with another orange to make orange babies. My life can’t end here!! No! It’s not fair! Not like this! Not with Mr. Pip!!”

An orange round body swiveled around with a scrunched up face.

“What did you mean by that??…”

Then the enormous monster came into views. The sun rays hit off the cover and blinded me… almost. All the oranges around me shook with fear from their thin branches. It was over.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, three living creatures appeared in front of us. They were odd. Long arms and legs, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They appeared to be throwing some ball. Brown, small and in a way, fluffy…

“Wooo! I’m FREE!! My time has come to become your saviour!”

Mr. Kiwi was being tossed in the air to and fro. It was a rare sight! His hair brushed back with the wind, as if it was guiding Mr. Kiwi towards a certain direction.

“Farewell my fellow oranges! I would’ve loved to stay and chat, ya know, get to know ya’s all a bit better before I sacrifice myself… but no can do! I just don’t have that kind of time now…” and with that, the brave Mr. Kiwi was tossed in the air one last time. He tossed and turned in such a beautiful motion, as if he was dancing in the sky with the wind accompanying him. 


He went straight into the heart of the monster. The noise has now decreased and the motion has stopped. Grey smoke came flowing from the monster. It was howling, but stopped moments later. All mayhem has ceased.

“It was mad… Ridiculous..”

So there! Hope you enjoyed my short story!

Hope you all had a super duper Sunday!

And a happy belated new year!


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