Time is money….

So I have decided to leave my job because I was no longer enjoying it. I loved the people and sometimes the things I do, but overall I wasn’t enjoying it. I know people always say to me “but at least you’re getting paid…” , well for me, time is money as well and just as important. If you are spending 50% of your day unhappy, that is time you will never get back and also time which you could have spent doing something you enjoy. I am lucky in the sense that I don’t have rent or any of such expenses to pay for so I can do that. But if you have the opportunity I think its important to remember…

“You work to live, not live to work”

There’s always going to be some aspect of your job you dislike, but if one day you feel that you are no longer motivated to go into work and you’d rather do other stuff you feel you’d enjoy more (despite less pay) then go for it if it is possible. Life is about enjoying, sometimes ups and downs, but an adventure what we can all learn from.

For me I found that I wasn’t being challenged at work anymore, I felt I wasn’t progressing the way I would like, it just didn’t feel right for me anymore, so I decided to make a change. There is no point in complaining about the same thing constantly. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I realized that I always wanted to do more than what I was doing at work, but I was just waiting for the opportunity… if you want something to happen you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Unless you change something in your life, nothing will change the path you’re walking. You are in control of your life, remember that!

Now I am feeling much better with myself and I can focus on what I truly enjoy and I am focusing on my own projects which I didn’t have time to do when I was working. It’s a game of give and take. You may be losing out on some things but the gain may be better than you had imagined.

This is what I truly believe in…

Happiness is not something you can just chase as a goal. Happiness isn’t something you can HOPE to have. Happiness is IN THE MOMENT. Happiness is A RESULT of what you do or WILL do. Your actions will determine whether you will be happy or not. So take a moment and just think what makes you truly happy and follow your instincts. Time is too precious to spend being unhappy or stressed, especially if you are spending more than 50% of your day feeling like that.

Go on, live a little. Cherish every moment and do things you enjoy.

Yours truly,

This Asian One,




So I’ve been crazy the last few months and terribly sorry for my lack of posting, but yes I have been in Brazil! Haha madness! So where did it begin?


I won’t bother going through crazy details but basically I applied to do a phd in Trinity College Dublin back in January and I got accepted in April 2015! I am working with the same supervisor I worked with when I did my undergraduate thesis (my final year project) there! So anyways, Fabio is his name and he tells me he will be going to Brazil for the summer (3 months) because he has a contract in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (I will from here on in refer to this uni as UFRJ) to teach. So he asked if I would like to apply for the brazilian program they have for foreign students (basically they pay your flights to and from brazil and give you money to do part of your phd there!) so I was like HELL YEAH! But the problem was we didn’t know when we were going to hear back from the funding body so as well as applying for that we also applied for an irish funding which paid for my flights, accommodation and some food! Not a bad deal, right?! So I actually got approved by both funding bodies, hence I will fly back to Dublin on 27th August and then I will come back on 1st October till 20th February next year!!

Voila! Thus, here I am, in Rio de Janeiro, doing part of my research in UFRJ … I have never in a million years thought I’d be here right now haha! Got to just go with the flow of life I guess! I’ve actually already been here for 2 months so in my next few posts to come I shall share with you all my experience of brazil so far! Well I can for sure say that I love it here very much!!


New watercolour tattoo design

Trying something new 😊 hope you like it. Thinking of getting this tattooed … Any suggestions where be nice?



Don’t ask who she is because I don’t know. I drew her out of imagination so no reference used. And to those drawing hair: patience and sharp pencils are key!


Happy Mother’s Day!


I had a very busy evening making dinner for my mummy! We rarely eat pizza so I decided to make some good aul homemade pizza!! 

I got this delicious recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.

This pizza is super easy to make and is very tasty! The only thing I did different was I blind baked the crust for 10-15 minutes (until it was golden/almost done) because I prefer crispy pizza crusts! 

I wasn’t too sure what “bread flour” was, as I don’t think we have such a thing in Ireland? So I just used very strong flour! It tastes good so I can’t complain!

I was a bit more adventurous and as well as pepperoni, I added mushrooms, onions and Brie.Great combo!

ImageAfter blind baking and before the finished product.


ImageThe finished product!!Image

My slice of pizza! *drools*


Here’s the link to the recipe:


If you like pizza, I’d definitely recommend you try this out! It’s super simple and very little effort needed! 


Dad testing my patience…(Poem)

On a Saturday evening, to my delight,

Something in the kitchen had caught my sight

For what was left on the table, a bag of mixed seeds

To separate them, the job was for me.


A pair of tweezers and white paper, said with a smile,

“Would you like to help… it’ll only take a while”.

“Impossible!” I thought, these words came to mind,

But I couldn’t not help, so I said “fine”.

Thus off I go, tweezing away,

Thinking to myself “what a productive day”.


After an hour or so, with the job complete,

In their bags, all tidy and neat.

No more for now, as I’m supposed to rest,

But I’m sure dad’s set up something for me to do next.


I felt like writing a poem to describe partially what happened an hour and a bit ago. But nah, I was the one who offered my assistance. Feels like I’ve done my good for the day now! hahaha

[DIY] Beautiful deep red lip colour (using black eyeliner and Kate Moss lipstick #107)

So I was out last night to a Christmas Dinner party for work and we went to a lovely Thai restaurant! Diep Le Shakers I think it was called? But the food was absolutely amazing! Yum yum! And the drinks were on the boss (well at least we ordered some wine and prosecco and didn’t have to pay!) So much fun last night was!

So what did I do make up wise?

Well I really wanted a very deep red lipstick, but I could never find one deep enough for me…

(If Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss #107 is not dark enough for you then try this out!)

So I decided to experiment! I took my black eyeliner and used it as a lip liner and lined my lips with it.


Once the out-line was done, I used my Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss #107 and just filled in the rest of my lips. I used a lip brush to blend in the harsher black lines.. and this was the finishing product.


I was so proud of myself! It was a VERY deep red colour, very pretty! But if you don’t want it AS dark, you can blot away some of the black and put more of the lipstick on!
But it makes sense though, if you want any colour darking, just add a bit of black to it! Just like painting!
The great thing with this is that it stains your lips so you don’t have to keep reapplying, even after food and drinks!
If you want to draw everyone’s attention to the lips, tone the eye makeup down. I like to keep mine neutral. Lots of mascara though to give your eyes a presence!
If you try this let me know how it goes!

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