You are beautiful.

I’ve decided to share a little something out there for any girls out there who are so determined about trying to get the “perfect body”, in other words, be supermodel thin.

So I have come to grips with myself and my weight. I have always thought, oh I’d love to be like so and so and be that weight and be this skinny like such and such. Well, ya know what, f*** that (excuse my language) because I’ve come to terms with how I look and weigh and I have finally accepted that, this is my bone structure, how my body is and no matter how I try, I will not look like the person I’m “aiming” to become.

You are your own person and YOU are the ultimate decider of “a perfect body”. Everyone has someone they would love to look like or be as skinny as, and we call these “models” perfect in our eyes. But if you can just see how beautiful you are inside and out, you can see that you too are perfect in your own ways. You don’t have to be 5ft10 and weight 50kg to be perfect. A bit of meat on the bones is always good (at least you won’t have to worry about freezing in the winter!)

The media is such a terrible things for you kids and especially teenagers! I have friends who tell me that their daughters are very weight conscious because the girls in magazines and on tv are so thin it makes them feel “fat” where in fact they are just normal weight! I used to compare myself to all these stick thin models thinking “one day I will look like them!” and I got so upset and unhappy because it make me not like how I looked and made me think I’ll never be happy if I don’t reach my goal because obviously that body type is the one that everyone loves! I was so focused on trying to lose weight and drowning myself in sorrows whenever I failed at a diet. I was miserable. I’d look at these so-called “thinspo” images of skinny women and girls with the so-called “thigh-gaps” for motivation, but in fact, these were the source of my unhappiness! I would be motivated, but because of my body type, it is pretty much impossible for me to be as skinny as some other girls, which made me increasingly unhappy and stressed.

Yes, I’ve had difficulties accepting my body and weight and for who I am, but I’ve finally done it and I’m so glad now because I am a much happier person. I’m not telling you to binge and eat all the junk food you can, but as long as you eat a healthy diet and do the recommended exercises (at least 30 mins, even brisk walking!) then you will be fine! Some peoples bone structures and genes just don’t do skinny (as in stick thin!) and you’ve just got to accept yourself for who you are.

I think everyone is beautiful in their own special ways! After all, no one person is the same. Everyone is different! If you learn to accept yourself for who you are you will find that you will be a much happier person and life will be more enjoyable rather than forcing your body through diets on end which, let’s be honest, never works or is not long lasting.

Life is too short to stress about getting the “perfect body”  which is created by the media. Love yourself like how you’d like someone to love you. Things you don’t like about yourself, someone out there will love, it might not be right now, but that someone is out there for you! You just have to see the good side of things, be happy and things will just flow into place!

Don’t worry…. Be happy!

Smile, you are beautiful. 🙂


And people who stress less look younger too! 😀