Sorry for no posts in a long time

So I am now doing a masters conversion course in computer science after my undergraduate degree in natural science and a masters in pharmacology! Like they say, you’re always on a journey to find yourself! Well if anyone is ever looking for me, I’ll be in uni! It’s crazy because after all this time you’d think I know what I want to do with my life right? Well I guess you’re wrong! I’m also wrong! Seeing as in the one jumping from one area to another… without actually ever working in any of those fields! Oops!

Well so far, computer science is extremely difficult! Though it’s not like I don’t like it! I actually really enjoy it! My only issue is that the lecturers give us these huge ass assignments to do after 2 lectures on the topic and even at the end of the module we don’t have all the information to complete it! “It’ll only take a few hours to do” they say. “It’s one of those assignments that you could spend 2 hours on it or a week, but if it were me I’d pick the 2 hours option” so they say… !!! Man they must expect us to be super geniuses or something! At the end of the day we are in a “conversion” course meaning we all come from different backgrounds! Sigh. I could rant forever!
Currently sitting here with my brain nearly ripped out of my head by bash! have you ever written programs with BASH scripts? Apparently it’s it “in” thing to do! So go and make yourself a Facebook server and chat! Because that’s what we were told to do.. eaaaaasy.. *rolls eyes… ROLLS EYES!!! I could essentially keep rolling them until they fall out!*

Working with BASH in the terminal on a virtual machine is pretty much like “oh.. error message… *changes something in script* oh another error message… *change something else in script* …woooo something works!! ..*adds a word* …. error message.. *removes that said word* … error message… WTF?!!! @&$$&$*!!!??” Enough said. But at least I’m getting somewhere right?

I think my blog now will turn into a temporary computer scientist in the making rant blog!

Well enjoy your weekend while I bash along my way…


Trinity College Dublin


Cold but beautiful morning 🙂


No more being a waster!

So I have decided to do something with my life and not be groggy and lazy and drown myself in the sorrows of not being employed! 

I’ll first need to be more active! Tomorrow, is a new start of the week and it WILL be done! Need to buy new runners so I can walk better with my dogs and do runs because my old ones no longer have good enough support, got really sore knees after my last run! Not good not good!

So yes, Runners first! Then I’m going to cut down on the amount of time I am on my laptop and phone! It’s crazy the amount of time I spend on my phone! And it’s not like I have  a lot of people to message or call in the first place! I think I just have it there… waiting for someone to message me. Yes I’m a loner. Haha… no really I am. 

Oh well, once I’ve those things done I should hopefully be feeling more energetic! I need to focus properly and if I’m not doing anything work wise I might as well keep fit and do some work around my house!

Set some goals and achieve!