Starting the year 2015..

Why not start it with giving some gifts to my sister and her boyfriend who are only here for another 3 days.
I used water colour. Acrylics and a fine point black pen

This one I gave to Tony because him and my sister are doing the whole long distance thing and she’s much smaller than him


And this one I gave to my lil sister. The small one to the left represents her and the bigger one on the left is me. This was done all in water colour and is used masking fluid to help make the design on the feathers.


And just want to say all of my paintings are originals (so I don’t use reference). I like to think up ideas that are unique and personal so they really are one of a kind 😀

I do commissioned work and for more information and art work here’s my Facebook page:

Check it out

And hope everyone is having a fabulous new year!


Happy Mother’s Day!


I had a very busy evening making dinner for my mummy! We rarely eat pizza so I decided to make some good aul homemade pizza!! 

I got this delicious recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.

This pizza is super easy to make and is very tasty! The only thing I did different was I blind baked the crust for 10-15 minutes (until it was golden/almost done) because I prefer crispy pizza crusts! 

I wasn’t too sure what “bread flour” was, as I don’t think we have such a thing in Ireland? So I just used very strong flour! It tastes good so I can’t complain!

I was a bit more adventurous and as well as pepperoni, I added mushrooms, onions and Brie.Great combo!

ImageAfter blind baking and before the finished product.


ImageThe finished product!!Image

My slice of pizza! *drools*


Here’s the link to the recipe:

If you like pizza, I’d definitely recommend you try this out! It’s super simple and very little effort needed! 


Lipstick Obsession

Lipstick Obsession

So it turns out I’ve more lipstick than I thought I had! My new obsession! Perhaps my first and last! hahaha. Ah, ya got to love the lipsticks! That’s not even half of what I own! We’ll see we’ll see! Soon my room will be a lipstick stock room! 🙂


OMGoodness!!! Loooook at those!!

I love cookbooks!!! Especially the ones full of pretty pictures!!! I think I’m referring to the baking cookbooks more so than the actual meal ones!!

Today was not as planned BUT I was walking for 4 hours with mummy looking for runners, which unfortunately I did not find…, but look what I did pick up!!!





Aren’t they pretty?! When I saw them I thought these would make great presents! Now that I’m home, I’m really considering keeping them for myself!
They’re just so pretty to look at!

Don’t you agree??

Lipsticks and Lipgloss

So I don’t know how but I’ve come to love lipsticks and lipglosses! It really does make a difference to how you look if all you’re wearing is lipstick/lipgloss and no other makeup!

Just thought I’d share! 😛 hehe