Tattoo idea number 2!

Another sister tattoo idea sketch. The center of the dream catcher is Celtic symbol for sisters 😊 going to watercolour this tomorrow! Can’t wait!



Beautiful day

Took a detour on the cycle home! Glad I did!





Painting nails…

Isn’t it really annoying when you’ve painted your nails perfectly and you do something soooo little but because you’re trying to be soo careful, you end up just scratching the side of it!? 


So..tip? If you’re going to paint your nails make sure you’ve nothing to do for the next hour! Put on a movie or something, but whatever you do, don’t touch anything if possible! That will surely cut the chances of getting it wrecked to zilch! As long as you don’t wave your hands around or do silly stuff! Also, leave the doors open…you’ll be glad you did!!



Rimmel London: Lasting Finish Nail Polish 020 Tip top.

I think this colour looks nice on tanned/sallow asian skin! Girly, but not too in-your-face pink! My opinion anyways! 🙂 And good thing it dries pretty quickly!


OMGoodness!!! Loooook at those!!

I love cookbooks!!! Especially the ones full of pretty pictures!!! I think I’m referring to the baking cookbooks more so than the actual meal ones!!

Today was not as planned BUT I was walking for 4 hours with mummy looking for runners, which unfortunately I did not find…, but look what I did pick up!!!





Aren’t they pretty?! When I saw them I thought these would make great presents! Now that I’m home, I’m really considering keeping them for myself!
They’re just so pretty to look at!

Don’t you agree??

Nelson Market..

SO it was a Saturday yesterday and we decided to go see the Nelson Market which opens from 8 am till 1 pm! It was good to see it, just to say we’ve been there and done that kind of thing! I personally didn’t find it much interesting after the first 10 minutes. If you like jewellery and fruits and vegetables and maybe random little things, you’d like it.. I think I just described the typical market place. 😛 But I guess what I was hoping for was finding fresh green lipped mussels… Oh well.. I did buy a nice straw hat, made 100% from seagrass, made by Serious straws in Mapua.


Spent most of my time then just paddling by the beach in Tahunanui or just walking on the sand! There’s always some kite-surfers around so if you’re into kite-surfing, I say this beach would be a nice visit!


We went to see sunset by the beach later on but the sun was pretty much behind the mountains by the time we decided to go! Still managed to get a nice photo I think..


And the moon was out too!